Real OMU-RAISU/Japanese-style Omelette Rice

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As I explained to Rowena in my last posting, “Omu Raisu” or Japanese-style Omelette is a very popular dish, hot or cold among Japanese, young or old. When I said that the Missus was not too keen on having her own creation pictured on this blog was because it looks so much better hot just served on your plate.
The basic way is to fry leftover rice with bits and pieces and seasoning, and preferably tomato sauce. But this is entirely open to personal preferences. When served hot, the omelette is prepared very much French style, elongated, thick and with a soft core.
The trick is to place it on top of the rice, make a shallow cut along the middle and let the omelette open and spread/fall over the rice!

7 thoughts on “Real OMU-RAISU/Japanese-style Omelette Rice”

  1. actually, out of curiosity, why is your blog’s underline “not the galloping one, but the cycling one”?
    I’m a passionate cyclist myself, it really caught my eye!
    On the other hand, it could just be totally random, I guess…


  2. LOL
    No, I had to “borrow” for the sake of expediency!
    And no, I didn’t show the Missus for fear she’d kill me for daring make a “comparison”!


  3. Aha! Now we get the picture. It looks very delicious (btw, was that taken with your cellphone?!?) and I bet the missus didn’t mind at all that you posted this one!


  4. Corre!
    You are absolutely right and the nigiri versions seem to sell like small breads as we say in France!

    Lojol, I totally agree with you!
    Real Ketchup can be bought at Kaldi, Basement of Shin Shizuoka Centre!
    Another option is to use demi-glace sauce or Bulldog sauce (mixed a little mustard). I actually love it with Worcester Sauce!


  5. Wow, it looks great!
    Actually, I’ve even seen “onigiri” versions of the omu-raisu in conbini stores. Could make for a great snack, just use the omlet to wrap the spiced rice ball.
    I guess you probably already knew it, but maybe it will be of use to your visitors…


  6. To be honest I think the idea of enveloping fried rice in an omelette is tremendous.
    The part of the dish that always disappoints me is the tomato sauce/ketchup dolloped on top. This is not because I dislike tomato ketchup, but because I dislike the tomato ketchup available in the local supermarkets and used by the restaurants around here.
    So, two questions if I may:
    I guess having no tomato ketchup is an option, but are there any other ‘dressings’ that you could recommend?
    Is there a place round here that sells real tomato ketchup?


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