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Le Cafe-Labo in Shizuoka City does not produce only Classic Cakes but graces its customers with quite a few traditional offerings including an extravagant Mont-Blanc!

As everyone knows Mont-Blance has been called so for the mountain that stands in French Savoie (Rowena, Silmadeff, did you know it was in Italy until the second half of the 18th Century?).
At first, the cake really looked like Mont-Blanc. I still remember eating it as a kid. It consisted then of a small “mountain” of Creme de Marrons/Chestnut Cream topped with a “snow-peak” o Chantilly Cream.

But now, instead of the simple dessert it once was, it has turned into a cake the other way round: the snow has been hidden by the mountain!
Maybe Memory Taste Girl could enlighten me?

In any case, Le Cafe-Labo make their own chestnuts cream and cake with natural ingredients of the freshest quality only (with consequent prices, but still very good value!) and I’m not one to complain about eating the mountain first especially when it’s decorated by a home-made marron glace!

424-0886 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Kusanagi, 46
Tel.: 054-3441661
Also available at Isetan Dept. Store, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-Cho

4 thoughts on “LE CAFE-LABO: Traditional Cakes (1)”

  1. Tried to make this mont blanc last weekend, and my friend told me that it was not successful. Looking for pictures of the successful piece of this cake, and found your blog. zenbu oishisou, tabetaina…


  2. that looks delightful ~ I can’t say too much about the reversal but perhaps its the Japanese creative twist on things? I had forgotten all about the word ‘chantilly cream’. It’s nice to see so many of the traditional cakes and pastries continued.

    Again a lovely post!


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