Shizuoka Beer 1/4: Oratche Brewery-Windy Valley Brewery Pilsner

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With the heat starting making itself felt, it is a good time for exploring more beers of that little favourite micro-brewery of mine, Oratche Brewery in Kannami, next station after Mishima City!

Windy Valley Brewery Pilsner

This is another organic beer using wheat malt.
It is unfiltered and should be kept in a cold environment because of its live yeast.

Clarity: slightly smoky (unfiltered)
Alcohol: 5%
Colour: Light gold
Foam: Long head, very fine bubbles
Aroma: Oranges. Dry.
Taste: Short tail. Dry and heady. Oranges, lemons. Refreshing. Calls for the next sip.

Overall: A beer fit for the first heat of the summer. To be enjoyed in the evening after a long day’s work! Typical Oratche’s brew. Deserves to be known!

419-0105 Tagata Gun, Tanna, 349-1
Tel.: 055-974-4192
Fax: 055-974-4191
Homepage (Japanese)

2 thoughts on “Shizuoka Beer 1/4: Oratche Brewery-Windy Valley Brewery Pilsner”

  1. As you know a fizzy, frothy, watery, light lager is not usually my ‘cup of tea’. However with the citrus content, the unfiltered element, and the refreshing taste, I think this is one beer that I should definitely try.


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