Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (15)

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Today’s (actually yesterday’s as I’m writing) bento would have pleased a big eater like Foodhoe!

The steamed rice was topped with freshly grated carrots before switching on the fire and mixed after cooking.
The meat, “ton/pork toro/soft part as of tuna katsu/Japanese for cutlets” was deep-fried and then dipped in tonkatsu sauce.

Half of the box being occupied with rice, the Missus layed half of the remaining space with finely chopped vegetables before topping them with boiled eggs sprinkled with black sesame and home-made ginger pickles (pink).
The rest was layed with Japanese lettuce leaves topped with home-made baby melon pickles and fresh Shizuoka tomatoes.
With the season fruits and the wasabi dressing I keep at the office, I certainly enjoyed the hearty meal!

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