Sushi Restaurant: Ekimae Matsuno Sushi (revisited)

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It had been some time since I last visited this little favourite sushi restaurant of mine in Shizuoka City: Ekimae Matsuno Sushi.
Sunday 22nd was a bit of a horror weatherwise with downpours pelting the city the whole day, which meant all sport activities were out of question.
Sushi is is one rare cuisine you can really appreciate during the rainy season, and since this particular establishment opens for Sunday lunch, I just could not resist the opportunity.
I have many reasons to love this restaurant:

They serve Shizuoka sake. On this day I ordered Chumasa Junmai Ginjo by Yoshiya Brewery (Shizuoka City). Absolutely perfect with sushi!
Moreover, because they serve real sushi, not conveyor-belt or what else, only real sushi lovers patronize the place.

Their sashimi sets make use of seasonal fish only and most from Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture:
Left top, a triangle of 3 varieties: Madai Seabream (top angle), Suzuki/Seabass (left angle) and Onikasa/Scorpion Fish variety.
Right top: Aji/Saurel-Pike mackerel
Bottom left: Torigai/Surf Clam
Bottom right: Katsuo/Bonito

If you happen to be a regular, all kinds of tidbits come either free or at ridiculous prices:
-Konbujime Kisu/Sand borer marinated in seaeed
-Negima. Negima by definition is a piece of tuna (“maguro”) on a skewer with a piece of leek (“negi”), hence the combination of the two as negima (lee + tuna), and not the pork and leeks brochettes served at izakaya in spite of their borrowed name!
-Ni Iwashi. Sardines are season now and are very fat, making them pefect for a bit of simmering!
-Shoga Gari: Fresh ginger root pickled in umesu/plum vinegar.

Their “Tamagoyaki/Japanese Omelette is absolutely superb and I never miss an opportunity to savour it, however full I may be!

Allison and Rowena would cross the Ocean for it!

Vegetarians and even vegans would not be at a loss with gobo/burdock root and Kampyo/Gourd shavings Maki!

Can’t wait for the next visit!

Ekimae Matsuno Sushi
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Oyuki Cho, 9-3 (just across from Shizuoka JR Station North Exit after Matsuzakaya Dept)
Tel.: 054-2510123
Business hours: 11:00~21:00
Closed on Wednesdays
Credit Cards OK
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

4 thoughts on “Sushi Restaurant: Ekimae Matsuno Sushi (revisited)”

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comments. We do not have good sushi near here, but a ride up the parkway to NYC or Fort Lee, (little tokyo) you can get some good stuff. None of it as nice looking as the stuff you have posted though. Also, that omelet looks interesting. I have never heard of such a thing at any of the Japanese restaurants around here.


  2. Dear Rowena!
    No worries!
    I wouldn’t worry about visiting such a place.
    Back in FRance we are plagued with restaurants offering Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisine altogether! (only that, Holy Macaroni!).
    You know the expression, ” A different name, the same sauce!”.
    Some people just do not have a sense of propriety!


  3. Indeed I would, especially after having seen one of our least favorite chinese restaurant/pizzeria put up a sign announcing “Now serving japanese cuisine.” WHAT? They already had to forsake their true origins by adding pizza to lure in customers, but now they are offering japanese food? Gah!

    A part of me says ‘Go see what that’s all about‘ while another says ‘Oh you know that you’ll be in for a big disappointment‘. Best to just live out my culinary desires through your postings!

    BTW, sorry about the absent comment link. In my haste to escape for the weekend, I had forgotten to insert the link!


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