Japanese Bread: Beni Imo to Goma no Pan/Violet Sweet Potato and Sesame Bread

This recipe is a quick and simple braed suggestion for Debra at Hapabento who loves her violet Sweet Potatoes and might one day find herself in a hurry!

Beni Imo to Goma no Pan/Violet Sweet Potato and Sesame Bread!


-All-purpose flour: 200 g
-Whole wheat flour: 50 g
-Sugar: 10 g
-Salt: 3 g
-Dry yeast: 5 g
-Soy milk: 160 g
-Butter: 15 g
-Black sesame seeds: 20 g

Violet Sweet Potato Paste
-Sweet violet Potato: 200 g
-maple syrup: 2 tablespoons


-After having heated the violet sweet potatoes, peel them. Cook inside the microwave oven until soft.
Instead of above and if you have the time, bake the violet sweet potatoes inside their skin at 250 degrees Celsius for 30~40 minutes. This way the sweey potatoes will be sweeter.
In a bowl reduce them into a paste with a wooden spoon/spatula.
Add the maple syrup and mix well.
Make a ball with it and leave aside.

-Warm up soy milk to 40 degrees. Add all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, dry yeast, sugar and salt. Mix well and form a ball. Knead on a working table until smooth.

-add butter and knead. Add black sesame seeds and mix. Let ferment a first time for 50 minutes at 35 degrees Celsius.

-Wrap violet sweet potato paste ball with the bread dough and let ferment a second time for 30 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius.

-Shape the bread according to preference. Make incisions/cuts across the surface. Humidify it with a water sprayer. bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius., or steam it for 15 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius.

Still searching for violet sweet potato recipes!LOL

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Bread: Beni Imo to Goma no Pan/Violet Sweet Potato and Sesame Bread”

  1. Ohmagosh! This is PERFECT! You must of read my mind as I was thinking about purple potato bread just the other day! I swear it!
    Thanks so much.
    PS. I have a “fear of dough” but I will do my best to give this recipe a go!


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