Eel/Unagi: Mishima City Unagiya Association vote against using wild eels!

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(Shizuoka Shinbun, July 1st, 2008)

In an unprecedented move (apparently a first in whole Japan), the Mishima City Eel Restaurants/Unagiya Association has voted against serving wild eels, especially the variety known as “shirasu unagi”, to preserve and increase the present stocks which have fallen to an alarming all-time low.
Mishima City is celebrated all over the country as the “eel city” where you can eat the delicacy in all known forms.
Until now, the restaurants would have even accepted to prepare wild eels caught and brought by customers. As the decision has come into force the moment it was voted, do not expect anyone to break the rules!

This is a similar move to the self-imposed quotas decided by the Yui Sakura Shrimps Fishermen Association which led to increased stocks for the benefit of all.

Who said Japan is bent on fishing the oceans dry?

3 thoughts on “Eel/Unagi: Mishima City Unagiya Association vote against using wild eels!”

  1. Actually, the Japanese and especially Shizuokaites (ans)are more environment and resource conscious than in may other countries.
    Shizuoka, although ultra-conservative in politics, accounts for some of the most maverick environment conscious fishermen, farmers and brewers in the country. Shizuoka is the largest bio vegtables growing area in Japan, Doi Brewery in Kakegawa City was the first in Japan to both make sole use of a solar cell system for its electricity and recycle the water used for washing and steaming rice before fermenting it!


  2. It is an even braver decision given the news today that imported eels have been wrongly labelled as being from Japan, thus providing impetus to the home market.


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