Shizuoka Breweries 8/1: Usami Brewery

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This is the 8th Micro Brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture I finally have ascertained. So far, I have nine confirmed! Usami Micro-Brewery and Restaurant are located in Ito City, Usami in the Izu Peninsula where great water is plentiful!

Usami Brewery: Thames/English type
Ingredients: Malt and hops
Alcohol: 5%
Contents: 330 ml
Unfiltered and unpasteurized

Foam: long head, very fine bubbles
Colour: dark brown, rich colour
Aroma: strong, caramel/bread.
Taste: Sweetish attack, bread, yeast
Solid but light
Does not vary with food and stays faithful to first taste.
Drank very easily in spite of its stout nature.

Overall: A pleasant stout-style beer.
Enjoyable for its own sake or with food, however heavy.
Best appreciated at room temperature, although cold beer fans would enjoy it if slightly chilled.

Usami Brewery
European ji Beer Company
Ito City, Usami, 3504-1
Tel.: 0557-33-0333
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

2 thoughts on “Shizuoka Breweries 8/1: Usami Brewery”

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,

    My name is Richard Zrnik and I am collector of beer labels and beer mats from all over the world. I would be very pleased if some of the beer labels and mats also from your brewery company could reach my collection. I would like to ask if you would be so kind and could send
    me some of these materials. I hope that you will meet my wish and I am much obliged for
    the trouble you have taken. Please accept my warmest thanks.

    yours faithfully Richard Zrnik

    Zrnik Richard
    Uralska 5
    040 12 Kosice


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