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Since the Missus has started baking her own bread again, the “Monday Bento” has followed the same pattern: “Open sandwich bento”, which actually I eat with a fork at the office, breaking bread in pieces along!


The “main bento” consisted of left to right, top to bottom:
Kaki/Persimmons wedges for dessert, finely chopped veg salad, smoked ham.
Lettuce (supposed to go go between bread slices), halved boiled egg (I wonder how I can put it between dlices of bread, lol), plum tomatoes.
Ham slices, cornichond and black olives, salad of potatoes, corn and tobikko/flying fish roe.

Freshly baked bread (and toasted again) including ham and cheese (melted away inside) and waknuts.
I don’t mind lying to the Missus and tell I loved her “sandwiches” as long as she bakes such bread!

12 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/ Bento (38)”

  1. Dear Barabara!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Unfortunately, the Missus, like most Japanese wives, is very cagey and possessive about her recipes.
    As a rule I’m not allowed inside the kitchen, except when I was the dishes (sometimes) and when I cook for her!
    As for bread, she uses a bread baker gadget (more than 200 US$) which does absolutely everything from fermenting to baking!
    Now, I know that she uses rye flour and wheat flour at a 1 to 9 ratio and always use a lttle olive oil with the water.
    Once the dough has been completely leavened, fermented, arisen and kneaded, the gadget will “call her”. Only then will she add things like cheese, herbs and so on!
    And then the gadget will take over again!


  2. What an interesting idea, composing bentos of non-Japanese foods. And why not? The food looks so much more interesting presented this way than in a paper bag or one of those insulated carriers.

    Does your wife share bread recipes?


  3. I’ve fallen in love with the Bento box with each viewing, the varieties of food, the gorgeous flavors, the beautiful look. I may just need to start creating such feasts in the US for my own lunches.


  4. I got an Idea with this lunch box. I’ll made at home for my daughter go school. Most of Thai kids don’t like much vegetable. This lunch look new thing for them and interesting to try. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards,


  5. Do you have one of those egg-slicers? It will cut up that boiled egg into about half a dozen thin slices with the gentlest push (the only drawback is the washing-up).


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