Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi

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(from top to bottom and left to right: Konnyaku/Devil’s Tongue Tuber, Celery marinated in Amazu/sweet vinegar and pickled Japanese plums, Shiro negi/White leek, Na no Hana/Rape Blossoms, Gobo/Burdock roots, Satsuma Imo/Sweet yams, Daikon/Long Japanese radish)

Whenever I can convince there is Japanese food fit for Vegans and Vegetarians (I’m neither!), I make a point of posting articles that might help friends with different culinary priorities!

There is vegan and vegetarian sushi in Japan and elsewhere!
As a proof have a good look at the picture and explanations above. The pic was taken at Iroha Sushi, a small but extremely renown sushi restaurant in Iwata City, an area celebrated for its vegetables!

Kyoto is a renown place for Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi!
From right to left, top to bottom:, Yuuba (tofu sheets), Takenoko (Bamboo shoots), Myoga (myoga ginger), Zenmai (Spring vegetable variety), Ki no mi (Spring vegetables), Awafu (grilled tofu sheets), Kamo Nasu (kamo egg-plant), Hakusai Maki (Chinese cabbage).
Print a copy of this pic, show it to your local Sushi Restaurant and challenge him/her into preparing your favorite tidbits!

From bottom to top: Takenoko (boiled bamboo shoots topped with a sprig of sansho/Japanese pepper plant)), Kabu Tsukemono (pickled turnip), Sugiku no Ha Maki (sugiku Chrysanthemum leaves)
And what about these? Not only tasty but fulfilling!

“Kanpyou maki”/dry gourd shavings: here is one that any sushi restaurant will serve you!

That small one is my personal favourite: “menegi”/thin leeks sprouts!

I promise I’ll keep searching!

5 thoughts on “Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi”

  1. These are GORGEOUS!! Japanese food is always so beautiful, and I am excited to see vegan sushi presented so artfully, particularly because I am vegan. Since I don’t have any plans for visiting Iwata City any time soon (though that may change now!!) the closest chance I get for anything as delectible and creative is Miya Sushi in New Haven, CT.

    Chef Bun Lai goes beyond the standard veggie rolls with creations such as the “japafrican queen roll” – “sushi created by african bushman to nourish them during thier seasonal migrations. eggplant, goat cheese, apricots, avocado, pickled radish, scallions & ethiopian berbere spice mix, wrapped in freshly made teff grain crepe” and “warm grapes falling on a happy head roll” – “grape leaf wrapped roll of eggplant, avocado, pickled radish, scallions, hot pepper & olive oil”. My favorite is the “rikki tikki roll” which is a roll of mushroom & cauliflower with roasted garlic, chinese black beans, scallions, hot pepper & pine nuts. He also brews his own sake, with flavor combinations equally creative and delicious. Well worth the trip for anyone in NY looking to get out of the city for the weekend.


  2. Dear Donna!
    I hope you read this comment as I was directed to a “dead” blog address!
    I am preparing other articles about possible Japanese vegetarian cuisine!
    Cheers and all that!


  3. I love Kanpyou Maki, yum! So many of the sushi in the 2nd photo especially look so delicious. I do a lot with tofu and I’ll definitely start experimenting with using it for sushi now. This is a great article, as a vegetarian sushi lover I appreciate the inspiration, thank you!


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