Japanese Izakaya: Bu-Ichi (first visit in 2009)

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Last Thursday, the Missus and I finally found the time to make a quick visit to our favourite Izakaya in Shizuoka City, namely Bu-Ichi
Not only the food (most of it local) is great, but the Shizuoka Sake are regularly changed according to the food of the moment!

Moreover, vegetarians (and I’m sure they an make something for vegans! Japanese sake is vegan, by the way!) will be glad to learn that tenpura is one of their specialties. See above picture and try to tell what vegetables are served!


Now for the sashimi lovers, it is simply first class (and very reasonable compared to the prices in Tokyo!). We asked only for a small set and savoured the following:
-Mejiro maguro/big-eyed tuna
-Hotate/Scallops with their “threads”
Incidentally the flower is edible (grown in Shizuoka Prefecture!)


As the last bite before we headed home, we ordered the “Shio-yaki-niwatori/salted grilled chicken.
Crispy skin and absolutely tender flesh! How they do it, I simply don’t have a clue! No need to say the salad was splendid!

Looking forward to our next visit!

420-0032 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae-cho, 1-6-10, Dai 2 Matsunaga Bldg. 2F
Tel.: 054-2521166
Closed on Wednesdays
Reservations advisable

8 thoughts on “Japanese Izakaya: Bu-Ichi (first visit in 2009)”

  1. Robet-Giles,

    I’m in Shizuoka City this Saturday and I wonder if we could meet for dinner…
    I’ll be staying in the Hotel Prezia.
    I’m writing a promotional blog for the Shizuoka Tourism:

    Not sure of the best way to write to you, but hope this works.
    Absolutely love your writing & photos.
    It’s time we connect, if it is alright with you. I’m living in Tokyo and get sent to Shizuoka once a month through March.

    All the best,
    Patricia Yarrow


  2. I’m not a huge fish fan, but that chicken looks great. Course, I’m on the other side of the world, so I doubt I will be able to get there. 😉


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