Chirashizushi: Marinated Tuna Sushi for Lunch

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The Missus does not work on Thursday. This is the day we usually go out at night, but the frigid temperature outside having discouraged her to venture into town, she decided to cook both lunch and dinner for us for my (and her own ) pleasure!

For lunch we had a salad of beans, yams from Ishigaki Island and greens with a big bowl of miso and mushrooms soup. As for the main dish featured above, she prepare “Chirashizushi/Sushi on a plate or in a lunch box.
She steamed the rice with a piece of konbu/seaweed.
She later added this seaweed shredded once the rice had been mixed with the rice vinegar, sugar and some “secrets”. She also mixed in some shredded “takuan”/yellow pickled daikon to balance the sweetness of the sushi. Sushi in Shizuoka in generally “sweeter” than that found in other areas of japan, notably Tokyo where it is more “vinegary”.
On top of the rice she placed slices of “maguro”/tuna she had marinated beforehand in konbu ponzu ( a lot lighter tha soy sauce!) and mirin. She added “ikura”/salmon roe and “tobikko”/flying fish roe and completed for color effect and balance pieces of “shiso”/perilla leaves. A dollop of real grated wasabi, et voila!

She couldn’t help remark how much she would price it for customers at her virtual restaurant! LOL (not a bad price, actually!)

5 thoughts on “Chirashizushi: Marinated Tuna Sushi for Lunch”

  1. Hi Robert!

    Ohh I like sushi a lot the original one in Japan not others LOL!
    I use soy sauce for everything but I don’t know for a dessert ..?


    Gera .:. sweetsfoods


    1. Dear Tangled Noodle!
      Greetings! The Missus might be happy with the exchange! LOL

      Dera Gera!
      Greetings! I vey much doubt you can use for dessert unles you wish to raise your blood pressure! LOL

      Dear Danielle!
      Geetings! As far as food, I’m lucky,… LOL
      I do not live in Tokyo, where food is rubbish (soory for the exageration) but in Shizuoka, the equivalent of Bourgogne!


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