Japanese Viper Sake/Mamushi Sake: A Drink for Sex?

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Last Tuesday night I had to go to the lavatory in a fairly busy and popular izakaya (sorry, I won’t tell you the name!) in Shizuoka City.
The “Mens” and “Ladies” were separate (important deatil!).
I found this “notice” pinned on the wall at eye-level.
The notice says:
“Genki no nai Otoko ha mamushi sake!”/Viper Sake for people (men) not feeling enrgetic!”
This is real sake in which a snake was marinated!
The note says above that you should be careful not too drink too much, or you will suffer from nosebleed (Japanese men supposedly go through this predicament when their libido is overstimulated!).
Actually, orders are limited to a single glass. It had better work as it costs a whopping 22 US$!
Last, but not least, as if men needed more incentive, they added a picture of a “well-endowed” man (face not shown!) wearing snake skin pants!

N.B.: A lady friend in our party told us later that there was nothing hanging on the wall inside the ladies’ facilities!

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