Tofu Recipes (1): Fried Namaage with Cheese and Ponzu

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This is I hope the first installment of a long series of simple recipes with tofu. Some will be vegan and vegetarian, some vegetarian like this one, others for omnivores!


This particular one is one one of the Missus’ favorites.
She uses on full “namaage tofu”, tofu that was deep-fried whole and that you can buy either fresh at a Japanese market or packaged.

She cuts the tofu in equal-sized bite pieces about 1 cm thick and fry them in a non-stick pan. No real need for any oil as what is contained in the surface of the tofu will be sufficient.
The point is that she fries them only on side. While they cook she lay a thin piece of mild/processed cheese over each tofu piece, add some black pepper, and cover with a glass lid. When the cheese has nicely melted over the tofu, she takes off the lid, sprinkles the whole with ponzu and fries for another minute. She serves on a dish with the sauce and liberally sprinkles the lot with chopped thin leeks!

Great snack with Japanese sake or beer!

2 thoughts on “Tofu Recipes (1): Fried Namaage with Cheese and Ponzu”

  1. Hi Robert,
    Love tofu and this is one way of preparation. I juz make chilled tofu :p. So many ways to cook tofu. Your missus did a good job on the tofu and I shall try it out. Tofu with cheese. Very fusion!



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