Today’s Lunch Box/ Bento (‘9/6)


For once, my Tuesday’s Sandwich Bento featured a real sandwich!


The Missus had baked new bread last night. She toasted two slices of them and inserted in between lettuce, fried slices of tuna she had covered with deep-fry powder mix and cornstarch seasoned with pepper and a little salt, and two slices of “renkon/lotus roots” she had fried to a crisp (and seasoned with a little mayonaise).
Af airly big sandwich that took me some time to finish!


The “salad” had enough vitamin C and iron to last me a week:
on a bed of shredded greens, a half egg, brocoli, mini tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, cheese, olives, and orange (I must have missed somthing!) on which I poured dressing from the fridge!
Incidentally I keep not only chopsticks at work, but also a fork, spoon and a knife! LOL

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