Sashimi and Sushi for the Saint Valentine!


I suppose I have to bend to the Saint Valentine since I started receiving presents from other ladies (at my grand age?).
I would like to reciprocate, but in Japan men have to wait until March 14t, “White Day”, another festivity invented the Japanese Chocolate Businesses.
I will just suggest to do it more the “Japanese Way”, LOL.

Above are two heart-shaped slices of Minami Maguro/South Pacific Tuna. That is for the solid appetites.


Now, for the small appetites, how about these dainty, minuscule “genkan sushi” with ikura/salmon roe.
they are very easy to design. They are everywhere in Sushi restaurants these days!

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14 thoughts on “Sashimi and Sushi for the Saint Valentine!”

  1. I totally get how to make these…and what a genius you are Robert! I have to catch up on you tonight, and all your wonderful posts!

    I just might have to try this kind of ‘wrap’ for my sweetie this weekend!


    1. Chere Joie de Vivre!
      Make a small rice ball and shape it with your fingers or use a small cake mold,
      Wrpa a band of weaweed around it, “pinching” the “end” of the heart, smear the top of the rice ball with a little wasabi and fill the top with any fish roe you have!


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