Yakushima Island: Coming posting!

(Asahigani/Asahi Crab at Iwasaki Hotel in Yakushima Island)

I’m going on a short trip to Yakushima Island between Kyushu Island and Okinawa. Yakushima Island is one of only three World Nature Heritages in Japan. Check this website!

(Sashimi from fish caught off Yakushima Island)

Some of the gastronomy there, especially fish, fruit and shochu is enough of a reason to visいt the place!


In spite of a 20,000 + population, half of this island is wild.
During the tourist season (luckily we are avoiding that!) thousands of tourists come to explore the untouched forests which have inspired many artists and film directors:


The island is also blessed with some of the best water in Japan. Many breweries of all kinds from Kyushu and Honshu Islands come to collect their water there!


Not to forget there are plenty of spots for bathing, rivers, lakes, beaches and hot springs spas!


Looking forward to talk about it all soon!

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13 thoughts on “Yakushima Island: Coming posting!”

    1. Yep!
      That’s me, 4 years ago! Slimmer, mind you!
      I just came back (two hours ago!).
      We visited the same spot again, but the water was still too cold to swim! LOL
      Reports coming form tomorrow!


  1. That sashimi must have been incredible. Straight out of the water? Mmmm. I just had sushi for dinner, but this is making me hungry again. Do you know what kind of fish that was?


    1. Dear Angela!
      Just back from Yakushima (10:30p.m. in Japan)!
      will start writing reports tomorrow!
      Sorry, but I don’T reaaly remember. The cntre one is definitely saurel/”aji” as for the ohers I’m afraid I forgot!
      Don’t worry, plenty to come soon!


  2. Seeing your photos of sushi makes me want to book a flight out of Azerbaijan right now!

    If only this country had the culinary delights to exhibit on a blog….


  3. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog again.
    Yes, it’s been a while since last contact, but I remember you. 🙂
    If you don’t mind, what about exchanging links each other so that we may visit each other easily? (Actually I do not have much time to read other blogs, but once in a while when I have some extra time, I visit blogs from my blogroll.)

    As for your trip to Yakushima, that sounds such a nice trip!
    I’ve never been there, but I know Yakushima is famous for the Japanese cedar (Jomon sugi) for its longevity. I like the forests and the hot spring spa! I’d love to visit there. Thanks for sharing! There are still many nice places to visit in Japan. Living in Tokyo and being away from nature sometimes makes me forget such things.


  4. the beach and the sashimi looks heavenly. i would love to visit one day. thanks for sharing, i’ll make a note of this for future reference 😉 hope you’re having a great time x


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