Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/19)


The Missus did not want to take a picture of today’s bento because, as in her own words, it looked too “brown”.
I ignored her protests because bentoes are simply looking brown sometimes,e specially when you include deep-fired items.


She deep-fired first soft pork strips after dipping thme into a sauce mix of hers and breadcrumbs, and then slices of renkon/fresh and peeled lotus roots in exactly the same way.


As for the rice it was plain steamed rice with which she later mixed chopped Japanese pivkled cucumbers.
A boiled eggs, plum tomatoes, lettuce and shredded veg completed the lunch.


For more salad and dessert, shredded veg, “tankan” oranges from Yakushima island and walnuts!

Simple, tasty and very satisfying!

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11 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/19)”

  1. I have so got to catch up on your blog Robert- I was thinking and talking about you to bloggers on Saturday. We had a New Jersey blog get together, and I told them I am going tonight to be part of a Kindai tuna educational dinner at a local restaurant, the only one in NJ to have the tuna brought in. Can you email me the blog you wrote about it. I have been asked to write about it, and I wanted to mention first hearing about it on your site!

    I also made Umeboshi sugar cookies with rice pudding…was very challenging figuring out how to incorporate it into the dessert, but it was very good…


    Chef E


  2. My wife made deep fried pork this weekend, but before dipping them in the frying oil she wrapped them around sliced veggies. Brown is good! You must be the envy of all your colleagues with all these amazing bentos. Ah, and I see you’re still enjoying items from your recent trip to Yakushima island. Oishisou!


    1. Dear Sapuche!
      The interesting thing is that I work alone. When I teach at university, I eat in the train. Therefore no one to make jealous! LOL
      Your wfe has a good idea. Actually it is also very popular in Japan!
      We certainly had a great time in Yakushima!


  3. Thanks for your message and email, too.
    Glad you accepted ex-links. (I thought you were not in that mood, so.)
    I’ve added your link as below, just for your reference.

    BTW, your bento looks so good all the time! 😛
    I feel hungry!

    (This is a small thing and not really matter but you’re missing 2nd “i” from the link to my blog that you kindly put at your page. kawai ->kawaii. 河合さんのブログみたいなイメージになっちゃうかな?とか思って。細かいけど。すみません。m(_ _)m)


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