Cheese Plate at gentil (5)


Last night I paid a belated visit to Gentil Restaurant In Shizuoka City in the company of two good friends to check and taste what was on offer at that nationally famous restaurant.

My good friend, Ms. Keiko Kubota, the only Japanese Cheese Sommelier to hold the title of compagnon d’Honneur de Taste Fromage came up with the tray of Cheeses she is currently maturing:


Front from left to right:
-Cone de Port Aubray (Goat Milk, Loire, France)
-2 year-old Chevre Noir (Goat’s Milk, Canada)
-10 year-old Red Cheddar (Cow’s Milk, Wisconsin, US. Yes, you read well!)
-Bleu de Sassenage (Cow’s Milk, Alpes, France)

Back from left to right:
-Talegio (Cow’s Milk, Piemonte, Italy)
-Gorgonzola Picante (Cow’s Milk, Piemonte, Italy)
-Gorgonzola Dolce (Cow’s Milk, Piemonte, Italy)


-10 year-old Red Cheddar (Cow’s Milk, Wisconsin, US. Yes, you read well!). A rarity!


Another rarity: look at the pic at the top of this posting. It is the large cheese “standing” on the right:
-“Hokkaido Shintoku”, semi-hard type from Hokkaido, Japan. Only served presently at Gentil!


We actually tasted all the cheese on the tray.
This particular dish offers:
-Cone de Port Aubray (Goat Milk, Loire, France), top
-Gorgonzola Picante (Cow’s Milk, Piemonte, Italy)
-2 year-old Chevre Noir (Goat’s Milk, Canada) Standing
-10 year-old Red Cheddar (Cow’s Milk, Wisconsin, US.)!
-Gorgonzola Dolce (Cow’s Milk, Piemonte, Italy) in the wooden spoon.

What did we drink with that?
Chateau Talbot from Bordeaux, and wines from Crozes-Hermitage and Bourgogne!

Restaurant Gentil
Address:420-0031 Shizuoka Shi, Gofuku-cho, 2-9-1, Gennan Kairaku building, 2F
Tel.: 054-2547655 (Reservations advisable)
Fax: 054-2210509
Opening hours: 12:00~14:00, 18:00~last orders for meals at 21:30. Bar time 18:00~23:30. Closed on Mondays.
Credit cards OK
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2 thoughts on “Cheese Plate at gentil (5)”

  1. Robert-Gilles – I’m surprised (perhaps I’m being a bit ignorant!) that you can get such a good selection of cheese as far away as Japan – is it popular over there?

    I’m a fan of sushi and Japanese food as much as I am of cheese and wine and Japan is becoming increasingly attractive as a holiday destination 🙂

    Tallegio is a fantastic cheese – great for cooking with too.



    1. Cheers, Robin!
      Shizuoka is a special place in Japan, the more for it because it is easily ignored as t lies between enormous metropolises.
      For al our having Mount Fuji and Izu peninsula, people don’t relate much to the name of Shizuoka.
      Shizuoka Prefecture is the 3rd richest Prefecture in Japan, both for industrial and agricultural/marine reasons. Tokyo alone takes half of the food produced here. As for cheese Shizuoka is the home of Keiko Kubota, THT japanese authority in Japan.
      I’d better stop here, otherise someone will say that I’m a commercial presentative. It is a great unknown place. Full stop!
      Best regards,


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