Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/22)


Today’s bento was “small” and could become a good suggestion for a small appetite!
The reason? The last few days I overate and overdrank myself and had been physically and mentally (that happens) very busy. When I woke up 5:30 the body just screamed a loud and painful “NO!”. This is a very rare occurrence and I will spare you form the details!


Only two (fairly big) nigiri/rice balls of freshly steamed rice and shopped fresh ginger covered with white sesame seeds.
Very tasty, actually!


The very simple salad consisted of my comfort food, tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, Mini tomatoes, pois gourmands/wholly edible green peas, cress and pepper ham on a bed of chopped veg.

Large enough, I can guarantee you!

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/22)”

  1. The entire recipe looks very delicious and tasty. Though in India we prefer recipes that are spicy, the look of the rice, which is a staple diet towards southern India looks tempting.


    1. Dear Jenn!
      Very healthy, I would say, although it did take me some wilpower to eat it!
      I’m skipping dinner and everthing tonight. At least the veg should clean my insides!


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