Shellfish Species 3: Oysters/Kaki

Oysters! One would be hard put to find a produce from the sea more internationally recognized as a gourmet’s choice! Moreover, it is the only shellfish you coul survive on if you get marrooned on a desert island! It is a complete food in irself if consumed raw.
For a long time (that is before coming to Japan), I had thought that my country, France, was the place to eat them. Well, I must admit it was a little pretentious from me, especially in the light that more than half of the oysters consumed back at home originated from Japan!

Now the Japanese has come with many ways of appreciating them:
-As in the picture above they would eat them as sashimi with a dash of wasabi and soy sauce.

-Or just a little lemon juice as in Euope, Americas or Oceania.

-Or in another japanese fashion, with ponzu and momijioroshi (succulent!)

-Or, and here Japanese and foreigners are simply crazy about them, as “kakifrai”, deep-fried oysters in batter and breadcrumbs with a nice tartare sauce!

-Or finally, and I would recommend the experience to all foreigners, as “kaki-gohan”, either with oysters steamed together with the rice, or cooked apart in light broth poured over a bowl of freshly steamed rice!

Of course, any good sushi restaurants will serve oysters as nigiri or gunkan!

In Japan, oysters come from various areas, mainly Hiroshima, Iwate and so on.
As for Shizuoka Prefecture, oysters mainly come from Hamanako inland sallted lake near Hamamatsu City.

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10 thoughts on “Shellfish Species 3: Oysters/Kaki”

  1. Dear Robert,

    Congrats, you are on Top 9 Today ! This is my favourite seafood. Whenever we had buffet at the hotel in the capital city, this is the first thing I filled my stomach with…looking at the photos on your blog reminds me again of those sweet succulent oysters…eat it with lemon juice and a dash of tabasco…awesome!



  2. mmmm. I have tried them raw, fried, and as part of a turkey stuffing. But I would like to try them in an omelet with scallions (with oyster sauce for dipping) 🙂


  3. My favorite way to eat oysters here in Japan is when they bring a small grill to the table and you put a little butter on them and watch as they warm up. So delicious! Interesting post! Thanks!


  4. I love to eat raw oyster with wasabi + vietnamese salt and pepper with lemon juice added ; oyster soup ( taiwanese style: oyster , basil and julienne ginger) .Oyster is very expensive in vietnam. Thanks for the post .


    1. Dear Tran Thai!
      Oysters must be difficult to raise in Vietnam, although it might be a good idea for future business!
      I’d love to try that taiwanese soup idea of yours, though!
      Thank you for the suggestion!


    1. Dear Jenn!
      Interestingly enough, I found out that many non-Japanese do so, although the Japanese themselves often eat them fried or in “nabe”!


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