LE CAFE-LABO: Classic Cakes (11)-Benihoppe


It’s been some time since I could find a new creation by Le Cafe-Labo in Shizuoka City. The fact is that their current palette sells well, but I finally got my hands on one today!


“Benihoppe” is interesting for many reasons:
“Benihoppe” means “Red Cheeks” in Japanese, the name of a very popular strawberry variety in Shizuoka Prefecture. Did I tell you that Shizuoka is the biggest producer of strawberries in this country with more 1,200 registered growers?
This is obviously a seasonal creation.
The base is made up of a very thin layer of light “Joconde” sponge cake supporting a thick layer of vanilla mousse. Another thin layer of Joconde sponge cake helps support on another thick layer of Benihoppe Strawberry Mousse. The whole is covered with a very thin layer of strawberry coulis, a small benihoppe strawberry, a redcurrant, and a raspberry..

A very elegant, feminie cake you enjoy cutting through before letting all the savours melt into your mouth. Very tasty and light at the same time. A cake for the summer!

424-0886 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Kusanagi, 46
Tel.: 054-3441661
Also available at Isetan Dept. Store, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-Cho

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6 thoughts on “LE CAFE-LABO: Classic Cakes (11)-Benihoppe”

  1. Wow! Those look good! I wish I could have that over here.

    When I was a kid, my dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed at Misawa AFB. Do you know if that is near where you are?


    1. Dear Terecita!
      Misawa is in the the Tohoku region, almost 700 km north of Tokyo, I’m leaving exactly in the opposite direction about 180 km west of Tokyo near Mount Fuji!


    1. Dear jenn!
      I’ve told everyone time and again that Shizuoka Prefecture is the equivalent of Bourgogne in France!
      We have practicaly everything!
      Wait until you read the posting on that new french restaurant I discovered!


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