Shellfish Species 5: Gaper/Mirugai


We are just in season for Mirugai or Gaper Shellfish.
Known under many names including Mirugai, Mirukui, Mirukuigai, Mirukugai, Guidakku, Umitake or Atlantic Miru, it is a bit grotesque with its vent protruding endlessly.
In Japan it is collected mainly in the sea between Shikoku and Honshu islands.


It can be either dark brown or completely whitish beige.
When consumed as sushi or sashimi, the dark skin is taken off.
It is widely consumed in this country and more are imported from Canada, and Korea. There is practically no difference in taste or quality whatever its origin.


It is particularly popular with sushi lovers with a big appetite!

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5 thoughts on “Shellfish Species 5: Gaper/Mirugai”

  1. LOL… it’s geoduck alright…how large are those in the pictures? Some geoducks I saw were really , really huge and has large gut or belly to be remove cos it’s full of you-know-what and even the shell looked not as nice as those in your picts. Some asian men ate that because they claimed it’s aphrodisiac? it’s Bahumbug! Just because geoducks looked like LOL. Well, luckily in Japan, geoduck is not included in the itinerary of Hounen Matsuri 😐


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