Blueberry Yoghurt Bread


Still have plenty of those blueberries left? Dry them!
As for me, I eat them with yoghurt for breakfast.
Which reminded me of a simple recipe for breakfast bread:
Blueberry Yoghurt Bread!

-Bread flour: 250 g
-Whole wheat flour/Graham Flour: 50 g
-Plain yoghurt: 150 g
-Unsalted butter: 13 g
-Milk: 80 ml
-Sugar: 1 large tablespoon
-Salt: 1 small teaspoon (you may want to reduce that)
-Dry yeast: two thirds of a large tablespoon
-Dried blueberries: 40 g
-Bluberry jam: to taste
-Beaten egg

In an appropriate bowl or recipient, drop and mix bread flour, whole wheat flour/Graham Flour, plain yoghurt, unsalted butter, milk, sugar, salt, dry yeast, dried blueberries. Let ferment as you woulddo with any bread.

-Once leavened, knead to let gas out. Form a bowl and cut iinto 6 equal parts.

-Cover with cellophane paper and let rest for 20 minutes.

-Stretch each ball with both hands first, then using a wooden roll stretch more on the picture.

-Brush one side with a little bluberry jam and roll with the jam inside.

-Place the balls as in picture inside a 19 cm wide baking paper mold.

-To help with second fermentation, place inside a microwave oven for 20 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius.

-During that time, preheat oven to 210 degrees Celsius.
-Take out bread out of microwave oven. Brush with beaten egg.
-Lower oven tempearture to 190 degrees Celsius and bake for 20 minutes.


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14 thoughts on “Blueberry Yoghurt Bread”

  1. darn and I was in both stores yesterday but I didnt care to ask. thanks for the advice! ill take care of the comment page later tonight.. Yup Ill join foodbuzz when my blog is 1 month old (it`s a requirement I think). It is barely a week old and having lotsa fun! thanks for visiting! Ill be posting some pics when I finally get to try your recipe. Thank you again!


  2. In Shizuoka City near the Shizudai… I want to try this recipe tomorrow but I dont have whole wheat flour or graham flour. Can I just use All-purpose flour instead? Thanks!


    1. Dear Marya!
      You can buy all kinds of flour at Parche (Shizuoka Station) or KALDI (also Shizuoka Station,
      Shizutetsu stores also sell them!
      By the way, I tried to leave a message on your excellent blog, but I couldn’t because you do not use the Blogspot Full Page Comment Box.
      Please read this expalanation I made some time ago at:
      If you could arrange your comment box, WordPress Users like me would be able to leave messages on your beautiful blog!
      Incidentally, try and visit my friend Patrick’s blog at
      Another important thing:
      You ought to become a member of
      It costs you absolutely nothing and brings a lot of traffic from like-minded people!
      Looking forward to talking to you!
      Take good care of yourself,
      Robert-Gilles (ロベル)


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