Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Leeks & Tofu


Since Holly has showed such an enthusiasm for leeks, I had a look in my Japanese recipe notes and came with a mini-series of very simple recipes on leeks that will also please vegans and vegetarians!

As it is also very easy tofu recipe, he “Tofu Tribe” (Terecita, Elin, Jenn and Jennifer should be interested!

Leeks 6 Tofu!

INGREDIENTS: for one hungry person

-Tofu: 1 cho: 250 g
-Leek: 1 (choose it long and thin)
-Salt: a big pinch
-Sesame oil: 2 large tablespoons


-Take as much water off the tofu as possible.
This can be done by envelopping it into a clean cloth and putting a weight on top.

-Chop the leeks very finely, as much a syo like (the more the better) and drop them into a bowl. Add the salt and sesame oil.
Mix well and delicately pour it on top of the tofu you will have place on a serving plate.
One may season it with a little chili pepper or black pepper.

Eat it with a spoon and have a beer with it!

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Leeks & Tofu”

  1. What type of tofu did you use? At an asian market there’s so many types to use. It looks like you used very soft tofu but i honestly can’t tell.
    and i’m also curiouse what type of sesame oil you used. I only ask because i’m surrounded by so many kinds so i just wanna make sure i make it right and that it tastes the same.
    Curiouse cooker.


  2. Sweet!!! I shave tofu in my fridge as we speak. Now I just need to run out and get my butt some leaks. Thanks for the recipe! xxx


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