French Dessert: Creme Brulee aux Myrtilles/Blueberries Creme Brulee


I found a whole series of desserts in my old notes!
Blueberries are still in season.
Here is an easy and very tasty variation of a classice French dessert:
French Dessert: Creme brulee aux Myrtilles/Blueberries Creme Brulee!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

-Egg yolks: 8
-Blueberries: 350 g
-Unskimmed milk: 300 ml
-Thick fresh ceam: 700 ml
-White sugar: 200 g
-Vanilla: 1 whole pod
-Sucre cassonade/brown sugar: 2 tablespoons


-Pre-heat oven to 150 dgrees Celsius with a large deep oven plate filled with water up to a third of its depth.

-Make a cut along the vanilla pod and mix the inside with the milk in a deep pan. Bring slowly to boil.

-Beat the egg yolk and white sugar together in a separate bowl.

-Add the fresh cream. Mix. Add the vanilla milk and mix.

-Place the blueberries inside dessert dishes. Cover with the hot cream. Place the dishes in the bain-marie and cook for 20 minutes inside oven.

-Last and just before eating, sprinkle each dish with brown sugar and caramelize the cream under the grill.

-Serve lukewarm or cold.

If you wish to taste it with wine, a sparkling white wine would be great!

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6 thoughts on “French Dessert: Creme Brulee aux Myrtilles/Blueberries Creme Brulee”

  1. Whoha, a new pic on the Foodbuzz;)
    I’ve been dreaming creme brulee last few days, actually I’ve never tried it in my life. That might change soon though


  2. Whoa! That looks so rich and delicious!! The last type of creme brulee I had was in the fall and it was a pumpkin creme brulee. I usually do not like CB, but I found when it has an additional flavor, it really is quiet good. I bet the blueberries with this stuff makes it a real gem.


  3. One of my favorite desserts ever. I was a little apprehensive about making this as I didn’t have one of those torch things, but then from you recipe I don’t need one. I can use the broiler. So now I’ll definitely be making this.


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