French Cake: Croustillant Banane Mangue/Banana & Mango Pie


Still delving into my notes for more French desserts!
Bananas and mangoes are practically everywhere, so it should be a problem to realize this simple recipe:
Croustillant Banane Mangue/Banana & Mango Pie!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

-Brick/Filo sheets: 4
-Banana: 1
-Mango: 1
-Butter: 25 g
-For the syrup:
Water: 250 ml
Sugarcane sugar/brown sugar: 3 tablespoons
Vanilla: 1 whol pod cut along its lengt
Juice of 1 orange
Juice of 1 gree lemon

-Pulp of 1 guava


-In a small pan, drop all the ingredients for the syrup (Do not include the guava!) and cook on a medium fire for 10 minutes. Let cool completely and leave in a cool place.

-Peel the banana and mango and cut them in big pieces first.

-Put the banana and mango pieces into the syrup and let marinate for 30 minutes.

-Take the fruit pieces out of the syrup with a holed ladle to drain as much of the syrup as possible. Put the fruit on a piece of kitchen paper.

-Cut the fruit into small pieces.

-On a kitchen board, place a filo sheet and fold it once (double).
Put a large tablespoon of the cut fruit in the middle of the filo sheet.

-Melt the butter i a small pan.

-Fold the right third of the filo sheet onto the fruit, and fold the left third of the filo sheet on top. Delicately turn or twist each end so as to form a “papillote” (sweet wrapper) as in picture above.
Brush melted butter over the whole papillote.

-Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10~15 minutes.

-Serve hot with the syrup in a small pot to you have added guava pulp.

if you want to taste a wine with it, a port or banyuls or a sweet wine is best!

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