Vegetarian French Cuisine: Terrine Bayadere de Poivrons/Pimento and Cheese Terrine


Soft Pimentoes or Poivrons in France are eaten from Spring to Fall, especially in the South.
Incidentally it is the vegetable richest in Vitamin C.
Bear in mind that the skin and seeds are difficult to digest.

Here is a fairly simple recipe for vegetarians I just found in my books:
Terrine Bayadere de Poivrons/Pimento and Cheese Terrine!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

-Green pimentoes: 2 large ones
-Red pimentoes: 2 large ones
-Yellow Pimentoes: 3 large ones
-Fresh Goat Cottage Cheese (Petit Billy style)/ You may replace with any soft fresh cheese of your choice
Balsamico Vinegar: 3 tablespoons
-Herb-scented (taragon, etc…) olive oil (EV): 80 ml
-Red Chili Pepper (Espelette in France): 1 teaspoon
-Garlic: half a clove
-Ciboulette (or very thin leeks. If unavailable, flat parsley or fresh coriander): a few sprigs
-Fine salt: to taste

4 deep transparent glasses as shown on picture above.


-Wash the pimentoes and grill, one colour at a time, inside a plate under the grill of an oven.

-Take out the pimentoes, once their skin has “cracked away” and wrap (colour separated!) inside foil paper or inside plastic pouches for 15 minutes
Use three plates for grilling. Deglaze each plate with one tablespoon of balsamico vinegar. Sieve the juice one by one into three small bowls or back into their plates, and keep for later process.

-Mix the cheese with half of the red chili pepper, fine salt and crushed/finely chopped garlic and 30 ml of olive oil.

-Peel and take seeds off pimentoes by colour.
Process (three different times) into puree with their deglazed juice and some olive oil. Season with red chili pepper and salt each of the purees.

-In each glass pour one pimento puree of your choice. Add one layer of cheese, then one layer of another pimento pure, and again one layer of cheese and the final layerof pimento puree.
Wrap with cellophane paper and leave in the refrigrerator for 6 hours.

-Before serving add chopped leeks or herbs.
Serve with a spoon and small toasts of your favourite bread!

Dry white wine is best with such a dish!

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4 thoughts on “Vegetarian French Cuisine: Terrine Bayadere de Poivrons/Pimento and Cheese Terrine”

  1. Oh delicious! Now the only problem will be finding all those beautiful ingredients in convenience food country!


  2. It looks a rather refreshing concoction. How about the spice/heat levels? Some of the ingredients would suggest a good bit of spice, but I guess the cottage cheese would make it more a ‘smooth spice’ flavour. How close am I??
    Dry white wine seems just right as a complement.


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