For Vegans & Vegetarians! “Forgotten Vegetables 10: Cerfeuil tubereux/Parsnip Chervil


Organic agriculture and biodiversity have in recent years brought about a rediscovery of many “forgotten” vegetables that people especially in Europe and France conscientiously tried to forget as they reminded them of the privations suffered during WWII. The same people had then to make do with untraditional vegetables because potatoes, carrots and so on were confiscated by occupying forces or their own armies.
With sustainibility and bioagriculture made more important by the deficiencies of modern mass agriculture, those “forgotten” vegetables have suddenly come to the fore for the pleasure of all, and that of course of vegetarians and vegans!

This particular series of postings will introduce these vegetables one by one. I hope they will become useful for a long time to come to all my vegan and vegetarian friends!
1) Scorsonere/Oyster Plant
3) Vitelotte
4) Rutabaga
5) Cardon
6) Panais/Parsnips
7) Patisson
8) Topinambour
9) Crosne

Cerfeuil Tubereux (French) or Chaerophyllum bulbosum (Latin) is a species of flowering plant in the carrot family known by several common names, including turnip-rooted chervil, tuberous-rooted chervil, bulbous chervil, and parsnip chervil. It is native to Europe and western Asia. This is a tall annual herb with fringelike divided leaves and large umbels of white flowers.

Cerfeuil Tubereux chips

The plant is cultivated on a small scale in parts of Europe for the edible root, which looks like a dark gray carrot with yellowish-white flesh.
After harvest it is stored for a few months, during which time the sugar content increases via hydrolysis of starch by amylases.

Sauteed Cerfeuil tubereux

Storage also allows the development of the root’s flavor, which is reminiscent of chestnut. The root is prepared by boiling.
Actually all potato recipes can be applied to cerfeuil tubereux!

The reason it is rare is because it is difficult to plant and that they require 5 months storage for better taste!

Bengal cuisine
Cooking Vegetarian

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