Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/64)


Onecould call today’s bento “Another Typhoon Bento”, as after almost 12 weeks of drought the rain is back with a vengeance! The notion of typhoon notwithstanding, the weather pattern are absolutely identical to that of the rainy season/tsuyu in June/July!


The beno the Missus prepared his morning was a very classi one, reminiscent of what children and students can expect from their mothers.


After she had steamed the rice, she mixed still hot with rice vinegar and other ingredients including white sesame seeds to make it sushi rice.
She fried minced chicken with finely cut mushrooms in a comparitively sweet sauce before covering half the rice with it.
She covere the other other with Japanese-style scrambled eggs and separated both with some freshly cut mitubs/trefoil making for an appetizing and colourful dish.


The salad consisted of shredded vegetables, smoked salmon, plum tomatoes, French pickles and black olives. I seasoned the lot with dressing kept in my fridge at work.

For dessert grape jelly.
Very healthy indeed!

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/64)”

  1. hi Robert-G,

    It’s Edouard. Your (or your wife’s ) bentos are always so inspiring. Recently I’ve moved to Yokohama from Italy, but me and my roommate §(a german guy) are a bit unadapted to the difference in vegetables, spices and overall ingredients we find in shops here.
    Do you have any simple and possibly cheap japanese recipes from really comon ingredients that could feed two young mans after a day of work?

    It’s always a pleasure to read you anyways.

    see ya


    1. Dear Edouard!
      I was wondering what happened to you!
      Yokohama! You should be able to play American ootball there!
      Are you going to College?
      OKAY, i will see what I can do about recipes!
      Incidentally, you should get access to great bread and meat in Yokohama!
      Have you checked with Gaijin Tonic?
      Have you tasted any Japanese sake yet?
      Looking forward to hearing more from you!


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