For Vegan and Vegetarians! “Forgotten” Vegetables 14: Tigernuts, Amande de Terre


Organic agriculture and biodiversity have in recent years brought about a rediscovery of many “forgotten” vegetables that people especially in Europe and France conscientiously tried to forget as they reminded them of the privations suffered during WWII. The same people had then to make do with untraditional vegetables because potatoes, carrots and so on were confiscated by occupying forces or their own armies.
With sustainibility and bioagriculture made more important by the deficiencies of modern mass agriculture, those “forgotten” vegetables have suddenly come to the fore for the pleasure of all, and that of course of vegetarians and vegans!

This particular series of postings will introduce these vegetables one by one. I hope they will become useful for a long time to come to all my vegan and vegetarian friends!
1) Scorsonere/Oyster Plant
3) Vitelotte
4) Rutabaga
5) Cardon
6) Panais/Parsnips
7) Patisson
8) Topinambour
9) Crosne
10) Cerfeuil Tubereux
11) Poiree
12) Oca
13) Ulluque/Ulluco

Tigernuts or chufa flatsedge in English, amande de terre (earth almond!), choufa, noix tigrée, souchet comestible in French, Chufa in Sapnish, Zigolo dolce in Italian or Yellow Nutsedge in the US, Cyperus esculentus does have many names!


Very popular in Spain, the plant is a cousin of the papyrus.
It produces small 2~3 cm tubers/rhyhomes in Autumn.
Once dried thay can be safely kept for years.


In Spain they are fermented into a celebrated drink with an almond taste called Hodchata!

Many people eat them raw as snacks or griilled or in salads with a drink, too!

Before re-planting them April~May, let them in lukewarm water for 48 hours. They need quite some watering, especially during dry seasons.

Harvest are conducted from end of Otober to the beginning of November by pulling out the whole plant.ue vous conserverez au frais.

Le saviez-vous ?
Le souchet sert à préparer une boisson Espagnole appelée “horchata de chufa”. Chufa est son nom en Espagne.

It is also used in place of almonds in cakes.

Bengal cuisine
Cooking Vegetarian
Frank Fariello

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8 thoughts on “For Vegan and Vegetarians! “Forgotten” Vegetables 14: Tigernuts, Amande de Terre”

  1. wow, this is fascinating – so great to learn about new veggies! thanks for sharing this…I am excited to read these upcoming posts.


  2. bonjour pti frère
    je t’ai offert une profiterole sur ton site facebook ,pour que tu n’oublies pas la bonne pâtisserie française !!!!
    ya plus qu’a dégusté !!!!
    bises de lolotte , à bientot .


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