Vegan Smoked Tofu

It is sometimes a hard world for vegans when it comes to find new ideas and recipes, even you love tofu!
Here is a simple way to prepare and enjoy tofu as it was a big piece of cheese!

Vegan Smoked Tofu!

INGREDIENTS: for ? People

-Tofu: a large piece 300~400g or more
-Miso of your liking, as much as you wish
-Soy sauce, not too much (beware the salt)
-Sake or mirin, a little just for the taste
-Spices, if you wish!


-As the tofu shouldn’t be too soft, choose “momendofu”, or slightly solid.

-Place the tofu on a clean cloth.
-Top it with a clean plate or board.
-Put a heavy weight on top.
-Leave it like this for half a day. The tofu will reduce to half.

-Smear the whole tofu on every face with plenty of a mixture of miso, soy sauce and other ingredients of your choice. The more, the better.

-Wrap it carefully in cellophane paper and leave it in the fridge overnight.

-Take it out of the fridge and take off the cellophane paper.
-Let it dry for 2 hours at room temperature over a piece of kitchen paper.

-Smoke inside a Chinese smoking set for 1 hour.

-Very practical for smoking small quantities!

-Here you are! Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “Vegan Smoked Tofu”

  1. I have to find a smoking set too! I wonder if an already had implement could stand in…
    I’ve made baked tofu much the same way, but smoking is truly interesting to me. I hope to experiment with this soon.


  2. Very interesting! How does one use smoked tofu–just like the regular stuff?

    Btw, I was in Paris last week on business and, quite by mistake, I stumbled into a vegan restaurant. I ordered a cassoulet and, instead of the usual sausages and so on, it came with smoked tofu! You can imagine my surprise…


  3. Very interesting!

    Hm, I heard about that smoking set for the first time… Can you give a link where I can buy this Chinese smoking set?


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