Pizza at 22 Venty Due

Service: Excellent and very friendly
Facilities: great cleanliness
Prices: reasonable
Specialty: Real Napolitan Pizza baked on wood fire
no-smoking-logo1 Completely Non-smoking!

The Japanese are so avid when it comes to pizzas that they lose all sense of reality and eat anything called so.
It has been a long wait, but at long last, in October 2009 to be exact, someone finally had the courage to make true pizzas in our gastronomy-crazy city of Shizuoka: 22 Venty Due!

Now, absolutely everything is made from scratch the true artisan’s way!
“Simple is best!” Chef Hiroki Nakagawa claims. That might sound like a boast, but he certainly keeps everything to basics. On the other hand, “simple” also means slightly extravagant!
The dough is home-made and double leavened as it should be as it will cook in a minute at the most.

The moment you order, make sure you are ready to eat:
The dough will come out its box, it will be spread in a few seconds. Here come the tomato puree, the peccorino cheese ( a true beauty!), the basil leaves, the seasoning and the olive oil. On the baker’s wooden giant spoon, and…

A few gestures, and the pizza comes out, crusty to a perfection with all its ingredients cooked as they should be!
Why and how?
That is where “simple” becomes extravagant:
the pizza is cooked inside a real wood oven.
All wood is “nara no ki/Japanese oak” delivered all the way from Tottori Prefecture on the other side of Japan!
It takes two hours to bring the oven to the right temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, but then the pizza will come litterally smoking on your plate less than 3 minutes after you have ordered it!

22 Venty Due serves only 3 types of pizza: Margharita, Marinara and Bianca (1,000~1,250 yen), but it is just what you need!
Other side dishes like salami, mortadella, ham, Fritta/fritters can also be ordered with wine by the glass or bottle (about 20 brands).
Hiroki and his wife, Chinatsu, can arrange dinner courses according to budget and preferences. Both of them are actually from Shizuoka and came back home after trips to Italy and working in Tokyo. Welcome back!

Now, why after less than 3 months of existence have all the Shizuoka magazines featured photoes of Hiroki Nakagawa’s pizzas, if I may ask?

Incidentally, smoking is strictly prohibited! Bravo!

22 Venty Due
420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajyo Machi, 3-21-20
Tel & Fax: 054-260-4522
Business hours: 18:00~21:30
Closed on Sundays
Reservations advised.

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4 thoughts on “Pizza at 22 Venty Due”

  1. This looks like the real McCoy.
    I’ll certainly pay a visit, and no doubt what I will order: the Margharita. No matter what combination of toppings I try I always keep coming back to this one.
    I’m also intrigued by the use of ‘pizze’ by the previous respondent, could this be the correct plural of pizza, bravo!


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