Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Sauteed Avocado

Avocadoes are great and versatile vegetables/fruits that can be combined in so many ways.
They also have the marked advantage to provide much-needed calories and beneficial ingredients.

Here is a simple but hearty way to prepare them:

Sauteed Avocado!

INGREDIENTS: For one person (can be multiplied accordingly!)

-Avocado: 1 half
-Long leeks: 1 half, chopped
-Shiitake: 3 (fresh)
-Sesame oil: 2 tablespoons
-Soy sauce: 1.5 tablespoons


-Cut the avocado in proper (to your liking) size pieces. Do the same with the shiitake. Chop the leeks finely

-in a frypan pour the sesame oil and fry the leeks first.

-Add the shiitake and fry to satisfaction. Add avocado and soy sauce and turn the whole in the frypan a few times.

-Lastly season with black pepper and serve.


-If you happen to have unripe and hard avocado, fry them first until crispy outside. You’ll find out they’ll be very soft inside.
-For extra seasoning you may use chillies or curry powder!

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Sauteed Avocado”

  1. I’m saving this one. Being a HUGE lover of avocados, this is definitely something I MUST try. I never thought of cooking with them before. How do you keep them from turning brown?


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