Gastronomic Cycling in Shizuoka (7)

I did follow the Koya-Machi street in a previous posting.
The problem is that in Japan cities are not clearly divided into streets or districts. Very often names were given to main streets (only main for that matter) only recently as an indication of the main thoroughfar going through a district of the same name.
Acoordingly I had to cycle around and away from the same Koya-Machi street to give a good indication of the area.

In daytime, the entry to the other street belonging to Koyama-machi has nothing particular about it, but keep an eye open even in daytime (whereas at night, you will need both!LOL).

Gyudon/bowl of rice topped with shredded beef is making for brisk business, especially at lunch time for restricted budgets. As for the taste, I wonder….

Now, this is THE important spot: the oldest wasabi store in the world: Tamaruya since the middle of the 17th Century!

Just in front is the local shrine.

A place you must visit on the second Sunday every month as a big flea-market is staged there!

Beware the guardian lion!

Kani-Tei is the only restaurant in town specializing in crab although it has a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant annex just next door.

In daytime, the crab is moving its legs!

But at night it will stay quescient, unless struck by an earthquake!

Check the plastic displays!

Pity it’s all plastic!

Next door they serve Oma Honmaguro/Blue Fin Tuna from Aomori Prefecture!

Check their susuhi displays!

Sushi set displays!

Next door is an invitation to hell. At least you will know how to read it in Japanese. Not bad as an art pic, though!

Toraya, the oldest bag store in town. Ladies should definitely pay it a visit!

Parco, which took over the defunct Seibu Store.
Not a bad place as far as department stores come.

It does have a great merit, though, at it includes an all-organic food stand in the basement run by Mr. Matsuki of Bio Farm in Fujinomiys City!

Organic vegetables grown by the same!

Great organic bentoes!

Parco’s pizza restaurant used to serve good enough pizzas. That is, until the Italian chain owner went back to Tokyo to open more diners….

Parco has its own restaurants to compete with the cheap shops in the area.

If you stretch your neck, you will discover izakayas at all levels. “Ikkyu” means “Take a little rest”!

All nationalities seem to have their massage parlour. This one is Chinese…

Judging from the rates, it seems good business!

The area is replete with relatively cheap izakayas. I can’t say anything about their food, but they make for good pics!

A Cafe bringing up memories of the past….

Some fashion clothes store are definitely worth a pause!

Great spot for taxi-drivers to take a rest!

Not many signboards, but you still find them!

At first sight, this new ramen restaurant look much like those everywhere in the country.

The originality resides in the fact they show their menu through a hi-tec computer display screen!

The only place harbouring the Basque flag. A Tapas restaurant, naturally! Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but not that easy to take on a windy night!LOL

A cheap yakitori.

Nakajimaya Hotel, one of the better hotels in town. Its particular location makes very practucal for night owls!

The interesting thing about this cheap izakaya is the old sign board advertizing insectiside! Ought to be clean inside!

Cheap and garish diner.

Now, what do they mean by “Paris care”? Notwithstanding the mistakes!

Cheap chain izakaya do make for good pics, though…

This place has just closed. They must not have had enough of them…

One more reason for me to avoid the place…

Don’t be fooled by that sign!
They only mean that you can drink all the wine you want for a determined time and price!

Wedding companies are BIG business in Japan!

Couldn’t find the entrance of that bar…serious!

That shop exclusively sells junk sweets!

As for this one, it sells only socks!

Interesting shoes…

This shop specializesin “kamaboko”.

Kamaboko (蒲鉾) is a type of cured surimi, a Japanese processed seafood product, in which various white fish are pureed, combined with additives such as MSG, formed into distinctive loaves, and then steamed until fully cooked and firm.

I was about to finish with this fruit parlour,

but I noticed the sign of that “convenience stire. “Cosme” stands for “cosmetics”…

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