Tofu & Chicken Burgers

The Japanese love hamburgers, or any burger/patty for that matter, but they are not afraid to experiment and make them lighter and healthier.

Here is a simple recipe that can expanded and enjoyed by anyone, whatever their age!

Tofu & Chicken Burgers!

INGREDIENTS: for 10 small burgers

-Tofu: 1 block/400g (kinu/silk tofu)
-Eringe mushrooms: 1 large (if not available, chose a large and soft mushroom)
-Shiitake: 6=7 small ones (fresh if possible. If not, soften them in lukewarm water first)
-Panko/Breadcrumps: 1 and a half cups/300 ml/cc
-Boiled burdock root (or salsifis): 100 g
-Chicken (breast if possible): 100~200g (according to preferences)
-Onion: Half a large one.
-Egg: 1
-Black pepper: a little
-Daikon (grated): as much as you like
-Ponzu: as much as you like (can be replaced with soy sauce)


-Rub some salt on the tofu, place a weight on it, and take out as much water out of it. Chop the eringe mushroom, onion and shiitake finely and separately. Drop the chicken and burdock root in a food processor and mince.

-Leave the chopped onion in a microwave for 4 minutes at 500W. This way,you won’t have to fry it separately. Definitely healthier!

-In a bowl, drop all the ingredients except the daikon and ponzu.

-Mix well by hand.

-Make 10 small realatively thin burgers/patties between your palms, and press them in their middle.

-Fry them in a little oil in a non-stick frypan over a low fire.

-Fry them slowly on both sides until they attain a nice brown colour.

-Mount them on a bed of greens. Press the water out of the grated daikon. make a ball of it and place it on top of the burgers. Pour some ponzu (or soy sauce) on the grated daikon ball, just enough to colour it.

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