New Pub in Shizuoka! Beer No Yokota serving Baird Beer (Pre-article)!

Service: very friendly
Facilities: very clean
Strong points: The beer!

Good news: at long last, a pub serving more than decent beers will open on April 4th: Beer Yokota!
Located in Gofuku-cho behind the City Hall, it is only 10 minutes walk away from Shizuoka JR Station, making it a very practical place to meet and enjoy true beer!

True beer, you said?
Yes, the owner, a very easy-going gentleman, Mr. Fumitake Yokota worked for Bryan Baird at the Numazu Fishmarket Taproom for 4 years before looking after the Nakameguro Taproom in Tokyo, will serve 7 to 8 beers concocted by Bryan Baird on the tap with 7~8 more.
Baird beers will cost 800 yen for a pint (473 cc) incidentally.

I paid a quick visit this afternoon to “take the temperature”:
The place is bigger than it looks from the window overlooking the street from the second storey.
It could approximately sit 40 people, although Mr. Yokota will have to think about space for guests who prefer to stand drinking (I mean especially the expats!).

Apart of the beer, cocktails and whisky will be available.
As for food, expect pub grub! Spicy fried potatoes, snacks, simple pasta…

And the other good news: the place will be totally non-smoking!
And more good news: A similar place will open in Hamamatsu City in mid-May!

Look forward to the real posting next week!

Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Gofukucho, 2-5-22, Social Kadode Bldg, 2F (above a Chinese restaurant and behind the City Hall-turn left-on your right-hand side)
Tel.: 054-2553683
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 17:00~24:00; Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays: 15:00~24:00
Off-day not decided yet.

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6 thoughts on “New Pub in Shizuoka! Beer No Yokota serving Baird Beer (Pre-article)!”

  1. This is wonderful news. I’ll be in Shizuoka-shi over Golden Week and will check it out for sure. Baird’s is great beer, and the NO SMOKING policy will someday be the normal rule because bars with this sensible rule will be very, very, very successful. Congrats to all.


  2. Good stuff. Looks like a nice little place. Good price on pints, too. I wonder if the other guest beers will be Japanese craft or Andy’s US imports?
    They have a website that it offline at the moment but should be up and running around the 4th.
    I wish him luck and could this be your new local?


    1. Cheers, mate!
      Actually they will also serve Japanese craft! As far as Andy7s US imports, I will know for sure by Monday when I write the real report!
      Best regards,


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