French Cake by Bernard Heberle: Foret Noire

My good friend, Bernard Heberle, the owner/chef of Abondance in Hamamatsu City has just been elected the best patissier in Shizuoka Prefecture (4,000,000 souls) by the biggets Food Blog Community in Japan, namely Tabelog!

He was kind enough to send me his latest creation with the following comments in French:

“Biscuit léger au chocolat surmonté de copeaux de chocolat imbibé de liqueur de griotte sertie d’un moelleux au chocolat blanc et griottine et une mousse au chocolat amer et finition a la crème chantilly vanillée.”

“light chocolate biscuit topped with chocolate flakes imbibed with griotte/cherry liqueur surrounded with a white chocolate moelleux and griottine/cherry, and a sour chocolate mousse and vanilla scented Chantilly cream.”

Hope you understand!
In any case an absolute marvel!

Address: Hamamatsu Shi, Sumiyoshi, 2-14-27 (in front of Seirei Hospital)
Tel.: 053-4738400
Fax: 053-4738401
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

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2 thoughts on “French Cake by Bernard Heberle: Foret Noire”

    1. Dear Marisa!
      Bernard is considered as the best patissier in the whole of Shizuoka Prefecture!
      No wonder people are looking forward to try his creations!


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