Yakitori Cutting Techniques 1: Leg


My friend Island Vittles has decided to start a series on that worldwide known Japanese specialty that is “Yakitori/焼き鳥/”Grilled Chicken”.
I hope that this series of postings on various basic recipes will help her and all other foodies interested in that simple, healthy and so delicious delicacy!

This particular series will deal with the cutting techniques which should help you make your own yakitori at home!

Yakitori Cutting Techniques 1: Leg:

You may of course buy legs separately, but it might prove a great idea to buy a fresh whole chicken and prepare it completely as yakitori for once!
In any case if you have only legs, here how you should go about it!

-Use the legs with their skin on if possible. It makes for so much tastier yakitori!
Separate the meat into upper leg (right) and lower leg (left).
Upper leg meat is more tender than lower leg meat because of tendons.

-Cut upper leg meat into approximately 25 mm/1 inch thick strips.
Do the same with lower leg meat.
Bear in mind that too big is better than too small! Bigger pieces will give out juicer chicken bits!

-Cut upper and lower leg meats strips into 25 mm/inch square pieces.
You may make the lowe leg meat pieces comparatively smaller as they take more time to cook.

-Insert skewers/sticks fromthe “meat end”.
Start from the smaller bits. Stab one lower leg meat piece first and then one upper leg meat piece. Repeat the same sequence.

-Leave plenty of space at the “handle” portion for better handling during the grilling.
Having an upper leg meat piece at the end will make for a greater “bite”!

-Each stick weighs approximately 40 g.

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