Vegan Japanese Burger

Here is another simple recipe to convince my friends that Japan is a great country for vegans and vegetarians (and omnivores!)!

Vegan Japanese Burger!


Koyadoufu as sold in Japan either in single sheets or ready cut.

Koyadiufu cuisine example

Koyadoufu/高野豆腐 is tofu which has been pressed hard to almost a solid state although it still possesses an elastic and tender quality.
It is available in Asian markets either dried or preserved in light brine.

I will post the recipe very soon!

-Koyadofu: 1 “sheet” or approximately 100 g (wet weight)
-Boiled soy beans: 1/2 cup
-Carrot: 1/2
-Cabbage: 2 leaves
-Black pepper: a litle
-Miso: 1 teaspoon
-Tomato puree: 1 teaspoon
-Oil: 1 tablespoon
-Flour: 2 tablespoons
-Potato: 1
-Soy milk: 5 tablespoons
-Salad oil: 3 tablespoons
-Salt: a small pinch


-If the koyadofu is dry let in rest in lukewarm water until it has come back to its soft state. Press the water out hard and chop finely.

-Drop the boiled soy beasn in a food processor/mixer to “chop” finely. Don’t make a paste!

-Chop the carrot finely. Cut the the cabbage leaves into very thin strips>

-Fry the carrot and cabbage in a fry pan with oil and black pepper.

-Once the oil has coated the carrot and cabbage well, reduce fire to low, cover with a lid and steam fry for a while.

-Once the carrot and cabbage are cooked add the miso, tomato puree, chopped koyadoufu, soy beans, and continue steam-frying for a little while.
Switch off the fire.
Add the flour and mix.

-Let cool long enough to be able to handle it.
Form a burger and place on an oiled oven hot plate.

-Peel the potato and cook it in a microwave oven until tender (or boil it beforehand).

-Let the potato cool down before dropping it in the food processor with the soy milk and salad oil. Mash the potato, but don’t process too long or te potato willbecome glue!

-Season with a little salt and cover the burger with it.

-Bake for 10 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius or until it has reached a clour of your liking!

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