Vegan Tofu Curry

As I said before, Koyadofu is one kind of tofu that can beasily arranged into all kinds of interesting appetizers in Japanese Homes’ Gastronomy!
Here is a simple suggestsion for a yummy lunch to be eaten by all, vegans, vegetarians aor omnivores:

Vegan (Japanese) Tofu Curry!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people

-Koyadofu: 5 sheets/85 g
-Carrot: 1 medium
-Onion: 1 medium
-Potato: 1 medium
-Shiitake mushrooms: 10 small
-Green peas: the equivalent of 1 small can/60 g
-Curyr powder (of your preference): 1~ tablespoon (I would use 2)
-Soy sauce: 2/3 tablepsoon
-Garan masala powder: 1/2 teaspoon

-Salad oil

-Steamed rice: count a large bowl per person


-Cut the koyadofu into small bits and let them (if dry) soak in lukewram water until they get soft. Press the water out of them and keep in separate bowl. Finely chop the carrot, onion, potato, and shiitake mushroom. Keep in separate bowl. boil the green peas beforehand if necessary.

-Fry all chopped vegetables in salad oil for a while until the onions become translucent.

-Add some water and bring to boil. Remove any unwanted matter if necessary. Add chopped koyadofu. Cook until carrot are sufficently soft. Switch off fire. Add curry powder and mix quickly. Add soy sauce and garam masala and mix quickly. Switch on the fire and cook over small fire until you are satisfied withe the consistency of the whole.

On a dish turn over a bowl of rice and surround it like in the toppicture with curry to which you add the green peas at the last second (on directly “seeded” over it) for good effect.

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3 thoughts on “Vegan Tofu Curry”

  1. Great recipe! But what brand/kind of curry powder did you use? I’ve only seen blocks of curry paste at Japanese markets, but no powders.

    Also, just wanted to thank you so much for posting all of these great vegan Japanese recipes! My mom recently went vegan after seeing how it changed my life in such a positive way, and Japanese cuisine is her favorite. I love sharing new things with her that I’ve learned from this blog! 🙂


    1. Dear Grace, greetings!
      Thank you so much for your knd compliments!
      HB brand should be ok in Japan.
      Actually any brand or mix of your liking should do!


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