Tofu & Cabbage Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki, originally a fast food from Osaka and Hiroshima has become so popular abroad that one has to try and find variants of the original recipes.
Here is a simple and healthy one:

Tofu & Cabbage Okonomiyaki!

INGREDIENTS: For 2 people

-Tofu/kinudofu/silk tofu: 1/2 block, ~200 g
-Cabbage: 1/6
-All-purpose flour: 3 tablespoons
-Thin pork slice (belly): 50 g
-Egg: 1
-Hon dashi/dashi stock soup powder (if unavailable, use bouillon powder): 10 g
-Salt & pepper: as appropriate

-Ponzu: as appropriate
-Chopped leeks: as appropriate


-Pres water out of tofu as much as you can. Break up the tofu in a large bowl with a spatula and stir until smooth.

-Cut cabbage leaves thinly.

-Add cabbage, flour , egg, hon dashi powder, salt and pepper.
Mix well.

-In a large enough frypan, fdry-ry the pork slices. There is enough fat in the pork, no need for oil! Spread pork slices evenly.

-Pour batter all over the pork. Cook and turn over until you are satisfied with both sides of the okonomiyaki.

-Serve on a warm plate. Season with ponzu (better and healthie than sauce) and chopped leeks (for the vitamins!)

Easy, isn’t it?

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7 thoughts on “Tofu & Cabbage Okonomiyaki”

  1. Miam, miam… No oil, no “sauce”, that makes a healthy okonomiyaki.
    A while ago, the takoyaki street stalls in Osaka started proposing ponzu as another choice of sauce. In my area, they dropped it quickly as nobody seemed interested in being seen eating healthy…

    Ah, je pensais a vous a midi, en rapant du wasabi. Le wasabi, ca me fait toujours penser a Shizuoka et aux vers de terre. Aucun rapport entre les vers et ce blog, mais j’ai voyage avec un producteur de wasabi qui voulait absolument que je vienne faire une saison dans sa ferme et qui me repetait : “…puisque vous n’avez pas peur des mimizu, vous le feriez tres bien.”. Mais ce n’etait pas vraiment paye, en “sumi-komi” comme les vendanges. En tout cas, l’image des vers nageant autour des wasabi m’est restee.
    Eh, oui, pour faire bouillir la marmite, je fais plutot l’animation de cours-divertissements, de preference a mon compte.
    Bonne soiree.


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