Fruit Cocktails by Wataru Matsumoto 5: Ginger

Service: very professional and friendly.
Facilities: great washroom, great cleanliness overall.
Prices: reasonable, good value.
Strong points: Fruit cocktails. Cozy and a comfortable, for ladies and gentlemen alike.

This is the fifth recipe of a (hopefully long) series of cocktails concocted by Wataru Matsumoto, owner/bartender at BOTANICAL (Comfort bar) in Shizuoka City.
No worries about copyrights as Mr. Matsumoto is only too happy to share his secrets!

This “Ginger” is not really a “fresh fruit cocktail”, but the notion is the same as a fresh vegetable that is sometimes eaten as a sweet is included.
It could also be called a variation of a Moscow Mule with the difference that ginger ale is replaced with fresh ginger and mineral water.


-Stick Ginger/Leaf Ginger (slender ginger root and stem): 1
-Lime juice: 1/6 of a standard measure
-Lime: 1 wedge
-Plain syrup: a dash
-Smirnoff Vodka: 1 standard measure
-Mineral water


-Grate the root part of the ginger and collect the juice. Cut off the stem as it will be used for decoration and as a stir utensil by the drinker.

-Drop ice in a long glass.

-Add ginger juice, lime juice, syrup and Smirnoff Vodka.


-Add mineral water and stir gently.

Serve with the stick ginger stem and a wedge of lime.

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2 thoughts on “Fruit Cocktails by Wataru Matsumoto 5: Ginger”

  1. Now that is a cocktail I can get on board with. I made some ginger beer (not soda, it had alcohol!) a few years back and it was delightful. This feels like a slight twist on a traditional daquiri and mojito (ginger for mint) combined.

    Very cool!



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