Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/39): Vegan Sushi Rolls Bento

As from last week, The Missus has been experimenting with sushi for my “Tuesday Bento”.
If you take the boiled egg away it is a truly vegan/vegetarian bento!
Notice that the rolls are packed in the bamboo fiber bento box lined with dry bamboo leaf!

She made three sushi rolls/sushi maki/寿司巻, two of them thin sushi rolls/hoso sushi maki/細寿司巻 and one thick sushi roll/futo sushi maki/太寿司巻.
The home-made pickles are myoga ginger on top of wasabi stems.

The thick sushi rolls/futo sushi maki/太寿司巻 contained sweet umeboshi flesh, perilla/shiso leaves and natto.

The thin sushi rolls/hoso sushi maki/細寿司巻 were of two kinds:
-Kappa maki/cucumber sushi rolls/かっぱ巻
-Kampyo maki/かんぴょう巻dried gourd shavings cooked again in sugar and mirin. They were combined with home-made pickled wasabi stems.

The salad/dessert box contained the Missus’ classices: Salad celery sprouts, carrot tagliatelle with black olives and walnuts, a semi-boiled egg later marinated, and Benihoppe/red cheeks strawberries from Shizuoka!

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