Vegan Sushi: Natto & Sesame Seeds Roll

Some time ago, I did come with some Vegan Sushi suggestions.
Since I have started postings on natto (Lou Ann; , keep your eyes open!), combining it with vegan is only natural!

Natto & Sesame Seeds Sushi Roll!


-Natto: 1 standard pack
-Dry seaweed/nori: 1 standard sheet
-White (actually yellow!) sesame seeds: 8 tablespoons
-Rice: 1 “go” (180 cc/ml
-Konbu/seaweed (hard type for cooking): 3×3 cm piece

●Salt: 1/3 teaspoon
●Sesame oil: 1 teaspoon
●Japanese mustard: as appropriate
◎Rice vinegar: tablepsoons
◎Sugar: 1 teaspoon
◎Salt: 1/3 teaspoon


-Wash the recipe and steam until still a little firmer than usual.

-Drop “◎” ingredients in a small and gently heat until all is dissolved. Try to keep it lukewarm.

-Add “●” ingredients to natto and mix.

-Mix in “◎” liquid with rice by “cutting ” it in.

-Line a sushi roll mat with cellophane paper and sprinkle the whole surface with sesame seeds.

-Spread the sushi rice evenely over the sesame seeds covered cellophane paper. Cover with the dry seaweed sheet.

-Spread the natto mix along one side of the sushi rice and on the seaweed.

-Roll in carefully by lifting the cellophane paper at the same time.

-If you think that the roll is not round enough to your taste, pinch each cellophane paper extremity shut and press into shape.
When cutting the sushi roll, you can do it across the cellophane paper with a sharp knife and then delicately unwrap it.
Wipe your knife clean after each cut!

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