Japanese Dessert: Yuzu Sorbet 1

This recipe is dedicated to Comestiblog who made the request!
This is the complicated one.
I will come with two more, far simpler!

Yuzu, ripe

Yuzu, young

The yuzu (Citrus ichangensis × C. reticulata, formerly C. junos Siebold ex. Tanaka; Japanese ユズ, 柚, 柚子 (yuzu); 유자 (yuja) in Korean; from Chinese 柚子, yòuzi) is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia. It is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda. The fruit looks a bit like a very small grapefruit with an uneven skin, and can be either yellow or green depending on the degree of ripeness. Yuzu fruits, which are very aromatic, typically range between 5.5 and 7.5 cm in diameter, but can be as large as a grapefruit (up to 10 cm or larger).

The Japanese use yuzu, both young and ripe, depending whetherit is used for seasoning or making dessert.

For this recipe, use ripe yuzu.


-Yuzu: 3
-Sugar: 70 g
-Water: 180 cc/ml
-White Wine: 50 cc/ml

B) Italian Meringue
-Egg white, 1 + 10 g (if egg white has been kept inside fridge, bring it back to room temperature!)
-Sugar, 50 g + water, 50 cc/ml

C) Yuzu zest marmelade
-Yuzu zest (skin): 1 whole fruit
-Sugar: 30 g
-Water: 30 CC


-Peel off 2 of the 3 yuzu and chop finely, or grate them off directly from the fruit.
Peel the third one into thin strips (about 1 cm long) to be cooked in syrup to be used for decoration later.

-Press the juice off the 3 yuzu. You should obtain about 75 cc/ml of juice. Depending on the size and maturity of the fruit, you might fall short of your target. Either complement with water or an additional fruit.
Add the finely cut/grated yuzu zests/skin to juice.
Add 180 cc/ml of water, 50 g of sugar
Cook for a while to obtain a jam mixture.
Let cool completely and work it smooth with a blender.
Add wine and put inside freezer.

-Prepare the zest marmelade:
Peel off the zest/skin of 1 yuzu, cut into thin strips and chopp finely again across the legth.
Boil in water for 1~2 minutes.
In a small pan, pour 30 cc/ml of water and 30 g of sugar.
Bring to boil.
Drop in the chopped yuzu zest/skin. Lower the fire to low and simmer for 5 minutes.
Let cool completely and store inside the fridge.

-Take out yuzu/wine mixture out of the freezer, break and mix with a fork and put back inside the freezer. Repeat the operation twice, leaving enough time in between to allow the mixture to freeze again.

-Once the yuzu/wine has frozen well, prepare the Italian meringue:

-In a small pan pour 50 cc/ml of water and 50 g of sugar. In that order, please!
As the quantity is small, heat on a lower fire until dissolved.
While the syrup is dissolving, beat the egg white in a clean bowl.
Add the sugar to egg white and beat again until “hard”.
Using an electric had mixer at middle speed, add the syrup little by little in a very thin thread, beating all the time. When all the syrup has been included, raise the speed and beat until to obtain a very smooth meringue.
Chill inside fridge.

Take the frozen yuzu/wine mixture. Break and mix with a hand mixer. Take care that it does not melt!

Use a patula or fork if you think that the hand mixer will melt it.
You should obtain the mixture as shown in above picture.

-Add half of the Italian meringue and mix carefully.

-Add the second half of the Italian meringue. Mix quickly but well.

-Pour in a metal dish (plastic is ok, but metal is better!) and keep inside freezer

-When serving, make sure it is well frozen.

-Serve decorated with yuzu zest marmelade

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12 thoughts on “Japanese Dessert: Yuzu Sorbet 1”

  1. Thank you for such a prompt (to say nothing of delicious!) response to my query. Since the fruit has become so fashionable of late, I wonder whether Berthillon offers a yuzu sorbet.


  2. Somebody else makes one suggestion and you do a post. I’ve offered you countless ideas and you haven’t answered a single one of them. It’s not fair, Bob!


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