Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Morimoto Brewery/Sayogoromo Chouki Ikusei Shikomi Junmai

Hidetoshi Morimoto, owner and brewmaster at Morimoto Brewery in Kikugawa City, is at it again! That is, he just will not “follow the lines” and call his brews as others, more traditionally-minded, would…
This sake, which should have been simply called a “Yamahai” finds itself slated as “Chouki Ikusei Shubo Shikomi Junmai, meaning a “junmai which has nurtured for a long time in my sake factory”!
Well, I don’t mind Hidetoshi’s idyosincracies as long as he creates these marvels!

Rice milled down to 60% (koji/fermented rice) and 65% (plain rice)
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees/genshu/no water added
Bottled in May 2010
Contents: 1.8 l

Clarity: very clear
Colour: transparent
Aroma: Fruity, complex, sweetish. Banana, vanilla with memories nuts and coffee beans.
Body: Fluid
Taste: Dry attack backed with some alcohol. Warms up the back of the palate.
Dry pineapple.
Disappears fairly quickly with memories of nuts, macadamia nuts and custard.
Stays very dry with food with more pineapple.
Surprising “gap” between aroma and taste.

Overall: A typical sake from Morimoto Brewery!
Hidetoshi Morimoto cares little about “pleasing people”… His sake, in spite of making use of Shizuoka yeast are “off the norm” in this Prefecture.
A sake for all seasons and all meals, although eminently enjoyable on its own.
Definitely on the “macho side”, uncompromising!

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