Shizuoka Oden Fair Coming Soon!

One of the most celebrated traditional gastronomic events in Shizuoka City (and Japan), the Shizuoka (Shizooka in local dialect) Oden Fair will be held from Friday, February 11th to Sunday, February 12th!

The event will be held in two different locales:
-Aoba Park/青葉公園・青葉シンボルロード and Aoba Square:青葉スクエア
Time: 11:00~20:00

-Shichiken-cho Doori/七間町通り and Gofujuku-cho Doori/呉服町通り
Time: 11:00~17:00

No less than 17 shops, restaurants and izakayas from Shizuoka will sell Shizuoka-Style Oden and 6 shops from other parts of Japan and one foreign will be doing the same in Aoba Park.

One the other hand, 11 shops from Shizuoka will sell Shizuoka-Style oden, and 6 shops from other areas of Shizuoka Prefecture will serve local specialties in Shichiken-cho.

Do come early as it promises to be very busy and crazy like in precedent years (and probably more! LOL).

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