Shimizu Harbor Food Fair: Shimizu Minato Yatai Matsuri

Grand old Ladies serving local food from Kiyozawa Village Station up the Abe River In Shizuoka City!

Today was the second day of the Shimizu Harbor Food Fair/清水みなと屋台まつり, an increasingly popular event already in its 3rd year.
Even at 10:00 in the morning it was already pretty crowded and reporting (and eating) was quite a tussle!

The event seen from Shimizu JR Station platform.

The sun was back with us after 2 days of miserable weather and people were keen to go out and enjoy great local food at the stands/yatai/屋台!

Don’t forget to take a picture of snow-capped Mount Fuji whenever you come to Shimizu as the elevated station is a great viewpoint!

We were still at 10:00. I don’t want to imagine the crowds early in the afternoon, or even in the dark as the event is held until 20:00!

The banner for “inoshishi man/steamed wild boar meat bun”!
All the way from Kiyosawa up in the mountains along the Abe River!

I had to wait 20 minutes before I could get mine!
Actually, one the ladies chased me as I was reporting to kindly hand me the steaming hot wild boar bun in person!

Kintsuba, already almost gone!
A favorite Japanese cake of mine! Actually, it is vegan!

The stand of the famous yakisoba/fried noodles from Fujinomiya City!

Hands off, LOL!
I know a lot of non-Japanese who would not stop eating them!

That is, unless their eyes catch the fried food in that stand!

Appetizing, aren’t they?

But if I were you I would take my time and after two rounds maybe sample of these yakitori!

But there is plenty for those who don’t fancy meat: Scrumptious-looking sastuma sticks/fried sweet potato wedges!

Many local izakayas like “Ashika” had raised their stands for some great PR!

How about some kushiyaki/串焼き/Japanese brochettes?

Don’t forget to sip a glass of great Shimizu Sake: Garyubai/臥龍梅 by Sanwa Brewery/三和酒造!

Takoyaki/たこ焼/Fried octopus dumplings are a universal favorite!

And so much fun to see them being prepared!

And more brochettes and other morsels that Japanese and non-Japanese would love to sample with a (big) glass of beer!

Now, this is a very local specialty: Stick ginger (fresh) and leek bun from Kuno Yamaguchi Garden (Near Kunozan Shrine!)!

I kept this for the end and my just reward for reporting (lol): Shizuoka Ken Suruga Shamo/Shizuoka Prefecture Suruga Shamo Chicken/静岡県駿河しゃも!
Now, this is true (and comparatively expensive: 200 yen a small stick or 500 yen a small bowl of soup) gastronomic food as this variety of chicken raised in Shizuoka Prefecture is known all over the country for its superlative taste!

No need to say that I exchanged business cards with the breeder as I will interview him soon at his farm up in Umegashima in the mountains near the source of the Abe River!

Looking forward to the next event in Shimizu Harbor, a major fishing harbor in the whole of Japan (and the izakas in the vicinity)!

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