Robert Yellin’s Newsletter: Japanese Pottery Spring Greetings

Holding a dish by Asano Akira

Dear Japanese Pottery Enthusiasts and Friends,

Greetings from Mishima and we hope this finds everyone well as we
enter in the lovely spring season, at least for those of us in
the northern hemisphere. In Mishima now spring is slowly
appearing in subtle way, a bud here, a songbird there and of
course the dreaded cedar pollen too! Into March……

Wakimoto Hiroyuki’s plates

Here at the gallery we have some stunning works online and more
on the horizon. A few weeks ago I visited Bizen for Wakimoto
Hiroyuki’s kiln unloading and selected an assortment of work,
some purely sculptural, yet most are daily functional pieces. I
often find the greatest joy in ceramic art is the beauty and
satisfaction that comes from the simple joys of daily life, such
as eating and drinking. Wakimoto’s tableware is quite
‘user-friendly’ and surely would bring a smile to Rosanjin’s
heart. Here is an example:

Kako Katsumi’s Bowl

Also, we have some great news for two of our artists who we have
introduced to the world, Kako Katsumi and Gomi Kenji. For Kako it
is in the form of his chawan, of which he creates thoroughly new
glazing schemes and deep forms. First, a white-splashed glaze
chawan was selected for the very prestigious Japan Ceramic Art
exhibition showing in Tokyo next month. The JCA exhibition is a
select and juried exhibition that is quite hard to be shown at,
and most works are in a larger sculptural realm, of which Kako
also is maturing with great skill and finesse:
In past JCA exhibitions very few chawan are exhibited, and in one
catalog I just flipped through there were only four, two being
from the hands of Living National Treasures! Kako’s chawan will
be in the catalog as well and we have a very similar one on the
gallery now:
The brown one shown in the related photos is also very similar
that was just selected and awarded at the upcoming Tanabe
Museum’s Contemporary Tea Forms exhibition! As I’ve told Kako
many times, “your time is now!”

Gomi Kenji’s vase

For Gomi Kenji his time is fast approaching, maybe even too fast.
Just last year we discovered him at a group exhibition in Gifu
and *immediately* fell head over heels for his stunning
creations. Well, the powers-that-are also took notice and his
work will also be shown at the JCA exhibition as well as being
awarded the JCA Exhibition Prize and Grand Prize Runner-Up! In
addition, he was awarded at the upcoming Musee Tomo Biennial.
Kudos to these truly talented rising stars!

Other news includes Kato Takahiko’s kiln unloading next week in
Shigaraki. I’ll be driving down for that to select works, as well
as to visit a few other artists there and in Kyoto. The Japan
Ceramic Society Awards went to Miwa KyusetsuXII(Ryosaku) and
Maeda Masahiro.
I was very saddened to hear the other day that Tokoname veteran
potter Takeuchi Kimiaki had passed way for reasons I still am not
sure of. His wife called and left a cryptic message. I called
back to express my condolences and left it at that. Takeuchi was
just 63 years old.

In Tokyo this weekend is a new kogei-craft fair and for anyone in
the area it should be worth visiting:
Some new works in the gallery also worth mentioning are a large
‘Fuji’ charger by the late great artist-teacher Asano Akira:
A deep amber-glazed jar by Shimizu Yasutaka, square plate by
Living National Treasure Kondo Yuzo, a set of Oribe mukozuke by
the late great Sasaki Tadashi and a Mashiko faceted jar by the
late great Murata Gen.

We hope you’ll refresh your senses and enjoy some amazing works
by visiting our gallery online at or of
course stop by here in Mishima. We may have some big news about a
gallery move this year so stay tuned on that as well.

In any event, I and my staff thank you so very much for your
interest and patronage; all the best from Japan.


Robert Yellin
Yukari Niokawa
Izumi Tonegawa
Hiroko Iwata

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